Survival Axe Elite
Durably Crafted Crisis Tool

The Survival Axe Elite is the tool you'll wish you had in a crisis or emergency.  With 30 different features, this universal multi-tool will easily handle any situation you encounter.  The design incorporates a 1055 carbon steel head and tang combined with a lightweight glass-filled nylon handle providing improved grip and balance.

The hardened re-sharpenable hatchet edge is great for chopping wood or clearing unwanted debris. The hammer head and claw come in handy all the time. The 6" saw blade will fold out from the handle and will cut through just about anything. The Made in USA saw blade is replaceable, so you can switch it out when needed.

In a crisis situation this is the tool you'll wish you had.


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30 Features
Cross-Functional Survival Tool Crafted for ANY Crisis Situation.
Seat-Belt Cutter
With replaceable blade, lanyard pass-through and hardened steel glass breaker.
Built-In Saw Blade
Inside the handle is your trusty 6" sawzall blade which can be easily replaced when needed.
Glass Breaker
At the base of the handle is a hardened steel breaker for glass and zombies!
Hex Sockets
Sizes of 9/16, 15mm, 1/2, 13mm, 3/8, 7/16, 10mm, and 11mm. 
The head also contains a back 1/4 inch hex socket for any 1/4" bit. 
Wire Twist
This image features a nail puller, wire twist, box cutter, grip teeth, and can opener.
Bottle Opener
Convenient bottle opener, flip it around and it functions as a gas shut-off because you never know.
Made in America
100% of the Survival Axe Elite is crafted for durability, reliability in the USA.
Replaceable Blade
The seat belt cutter is replaceable with any razor blade and the lanyard pass-through is perfect for a shoulder strap.
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Our Mission
  Our goal is to make durable, high quality, Made in America gear available to everyone.  Style, innovation, and utility is what makes it Crafted USA.
The Survival Axe Elite is the perfect gift that will be appreciated when it counts!